Tom doing research on his most recent novel with Park Rangers at Yellowstone.

Professional Review

Anyone with sufficient determination can learn to write, but the ability to spin exciting stories and engaging characters out of thin air is something you either have or don't. Thomas E. O'Brien has it. In the classic tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, Pain of Silence offers as its protagonist an ordinary, decent man thrust by fate into extraordinary and sinister situations. Dr. Chance Higgins' full-throttle hell ride into realms of organized crime, false accusation, and murder starts with an innocent visit to the Empire State Building. The ensuing adventure is terrifying for Chance (was there ever a more aptly named character?) but a delight for any reader looking for pure escapist thrills. The Manhattan and Fairfield County locations in Pain of Silence are about as far as you can get from the Southern, backwoods watering hole that served as the setting for O'Brien's first novel, County Justice. What unites the novels is the sure imagination of a born storyteller.     

--Charles Slack, author of Hetty, Noble Obsession, and Blue Fairways

Interesting! Corporate Rough

I was given Corporate Rough by a friend of the author. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got to know each character very well.   

Thomas O'Brien just keeps getting better.  Corporate Rough, the third of O'Brien's creations includes suspense, misdirection, and a bounty of clues as the reader attempts to identify who dunnit.  I was wrong three times while putting myself in private investigator Duckworth's shoes. O'Brien is quickly establishing himself as a quality writer with a keen mind for plot twists and subtle clue plantings. I only read O'Brien's work when I have ample time to complete the book because I know from his first two, I will not be able to put it down.

Corporate Rough is an easy read with an intriguing plot. Numerous possible suspects make it tough to determine who is guilty of the crime. 

Corporate Rough...a third book by Author Thomas E. O'Brien as like his other two novels, County Justice and Pain Of Silence, is an exciting mystery novel that will keep you intrigued from cover to cover. The author writes in a style that keeps you wondering who dunnit right to the very end. His works occupy an area marked favorites" in my home library. I'm looking forward to his next book.

'Hey you James Paterson freaks. Clean out your bookshelves to make room for a new spin doctor in town. Just finished 'Corporate Rough', the latest of Thomas E. O'Brien's three novels If you ever read Ian Flemings 'Goldfinger' or saw the movie this will arouse similar suspense but with kinky plot wrinkles. An admixture of golf, mystery and corporate intrigue where I guarantee you will be sleuthing on every page with the main character 'Duck Duckworth, a semi retired pro golfer turned private investigator. Can't wait for his fourth book 'Digger's Place'.
--Clive Morrison Rowayton, Connecticut

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. O'Brien and his lovely wife this weekend and instantly knew without ever reading a word that his books would be phenomenal. I started reading Pain of Silence on Saturday evening and finished about an hour ago. Gripping, hold-on-to-your-seat suspense with intense character development and plot maneuvering. You will not be able to put this down. I am off to start Corporate Rough after the children are tucked into bed this evening. 

Digger's Place by Thomas O'Brien has become another great book on my shelf of "favorites". Tom has become one of my most liked and respected authors. His latest thriller "Digger's Place" had me totally involved mentally with the characters. I recommended the book to my friends with the comment: The story line created a tension in me like I felt when I watched the movie "Deliverance". Digger's Place is a great book...check it out.
-- David M Gillott, February 4, 2009  5 out of 5 Stars

Thomas E. O’Brien’s County Justice contains all the elements you look for in an action novel: Likeable main characters, good humor, a little romance, an inventive plot, the baddest of bad guys, and all-out, no-holds-barred action from start to finish.  By the final page you’ll wish you could wind down with Jeep and Petey at Pippins restaurant, with a nice cold Rollin’ Rock and one of K.C.’s famous filets with mustard/whiskey sauce. But take a pass on the bottled water. They invented the term “page-turner” for books such as this.   

-- Charles Slack author of Hetty: The Genius and Madness of America ’s First Female Tycoon.


Great Start for a New Author! This book carries the reader through a roller coaster of fun. It's gripping enough to keep you wanting to know more, and keep reading hard to put down. While it's the author's first book, it clearly shows that he's an author not only reading this one time, but for his future endeavors too. I've already added him to my personal best authors list and will read all his works.
--John Folk, A reviewer, 10/16/2006

County Justice - Excellent!  I simply loved 'County Justice'. The characters are the kind of people everyone wants to know, or be, in life. The story moves quickly with several unexpected turns making the ending a delightful surprise. The strong female characters are a welcome surprise in an innovative story that is a pleasure to read for men AND women! I'm looking forward to more from Thomas E. O'Brien!
--Colleen Clark, someone who enjoys fast-paced books, 10/11/2006 

A Page Turner! This book held my interest from the first chapter. The conversation made it easy reading and the characters come alive. I enjoyed the humor and the friendship Jeep and Petey had. Strong female characters helped the story line. The ending brought me closure and looking for another O'Brien book.
--Rich Chiarmonte, 10/06/2006 

Try to keep up with County Justice.  As I read Tom O'Brien's fiction novel 'County Justice' from chapter to chapter, I found myself racing to keep up with the action. The story's heroes Petey and Jeep, working with friends and the authorities, attempt to prevent terrorism in Washington, DC. As the plot is uncovered and the terrorists pursued, 'County Justice' keeps you guessing as to who is involved, how they did it, and who will win out in the end. The reader's detective skills will be tested and your emotions strained as not everyone will survive. For an opener, O'Brien has proven his knack for suspense, his keen sense of wit, and an enthusiasm to read his next work, 'Pain of Silence'.
--Gleason Gallagher, A reviewer, 10/06/2006 

Very Enjoyable Reading!  I greatly enjoyed reading this book as it held my attention such that I did not want to put it down. There was mystery, suspense, and comedy as well as a down to earth writing style that was such that I could relate to the conversations among the characters. While fiction, the subject matter is such that it could not only be imagined but could also be very real in the world that we live in today. The recipes are a nice touch as well.
--Barry Horne, A reviewer, 09/28/2006 

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